Gender Creative kids Canada 

We set out to reduce stigma, and create a safe space for transgender youth. We did this by utilizing public space's wifi gateways, offering a higher-speed internet connection to those who shared information from Gender Creative Kids Canada. Creating a more educated, safe and progressive environment both online and in the public sphere.

Young Blood 2020 Entry 

For Transgender Awareness Week, we partnered with various public spaces and businesses to include an additional requirement to their wifi portal. (Toronto public library and Starbucks as examples) 


During this week this message appeared,

giving consumers the option to share Gender Creative Kids Canada content/information in order to connect to the High-speed internet.

Or they could choose to be a part of the slower moving, less progressive network and use an extremely slow wifi connection. 

They were given the option to share this content on Instagram, Facebook or Tik Tok spreading awareness while simultaneously educating those in the physical space. This created a safer environment both online and in the physical spaces where the wifi was being used.