Netflix: Narcos Mexico 

In order to promote the new Narcos: Mexico season on Netflix, we decided to put a polarizing twist on Mexico's Tourism industry.

With Pablo Escobar out of the picture and the show moving to Mexico Netflix wanted to ensure people that the new season is just as gritty. So, we wanted to show consumers the side of Mexico that isn't glorified juxtaposed with the side that is.

Miami Ad School: Ad Summit competition 2nd place prize winner.


First we created a fake tourism company, Tourism Mexico. This is a Flip on the real, and popular company Mexico Tourism. We even Mimicked Their brand colours and their entire look and feel, with a subtle twist.

MEXICO banner.png

At first glance the ads seems like any other promotions to win a trip to Mexico. However, upon further inspection a dead body can be seen lying on the beach. We made pamphlets, print ads, and social media posts all following this theme.

Print ad 2 (finger)_APR 1.png

We wanted to spark controversy and create a share-ability factor for those who spotted the ominous elements in the ads. 

Those who over looked the grim aspects of the ads

or were simply daring enough to enter, would be directed to a sign up page to win a trip to Mexico!

In this moment it is revealed that Netflix was behind these strange and gruesome "Tourism Mexico" ads. 


Consumers could then sign up to recieve early access to the new season of Narcos. 


This gave us thier mailing address and an opportunity to further this experience, plus generate even more buzz  around the seasons release.


We predicted organic content  generation from those sharing the insane package they received. However, we also reached out to popular influencers and sent them one to ensure this package got the recognition it deserved.  


The package contained a threatening message written in Spanish: "This is what happens when you disrespect Guadalajara."

Along with a severed finger with the early access code to the new season of Narcos: Mexico tattooed on the side.