Otterbox cares more about your phone than you do. We care enough to send you condolences for your dead phones. Even though you were foolish enough to use it without our protection. With this message in mind we hope consumers will realize how much they love their phones and use our product to protect it before its too late. We don't want anyone to experience the "I should've got an Otterbox" feeling ever again.

We placed print ads around the city showing people the detrimental effect of not using an OtterBox. While playing on common Condolences imagery such as the placement of white lilies. Drawing a provocative comparison, that the feeling of breaking your phone is like losing a loved one.


We also created experiential pop-up shops across multiple cities where people could cremate their old phones. The remains would then be placed in a tiny urn that they could take home. Finally, attendees would receive a coupon discount on their next Otterbox purchase.

These pop-ups created sharable moments on social media while humorously showing consumers the sentimental value attached to their phones, enforcing the idea that they should use OtterBox to protect it. 

Using Instagram stories we were able to trick consumers and momentarily give them the feeling of having a broken phone and  allow them to arrive at the realization that they should protect it with OtterBox. 

We even created heartfelt obituaries on for deceased iPhones to gain buzz and create shareable content, adding to the narrative of how important phones are to us, we mourn their loss.

 We also decided to partner with hallmark and create a new category of sympathy cards for broken phones.  

As if that wasn't far enough we even placed Otterbox branded white phones and flowers around cities. Marking and paying tribute, to the spot people have dropped and broken their phones. 

The campaign aims to show people how important their phones are to them, by comparing the phones to lost loved ones.

OtterBox understands how important your phone is to you, and we are sincerely sorry for your loss but you should've got an OtterBox.