With the goal of igniting a sense of urgency and tapping into consumer FOMO we created a vexing campaign: "New Styles Disappearing Weekly".

Live client work while in school: Campaign purchased by WINNERS

red dress-01.jpg
yellow purse print-01 (1).png

The line "New styles disappearing weekly" was derived from the client's previous line "New styles arriving weekly." The modified line acts as a loophole solving the legal problems the client encountered when claiming they had new styles arriving weekly, as their shipments were not consistent. 

The piece of clothing being pulled from the frame created a sense of urgency, by essentially advertising what you can't buy we gave the consumer an incentive to rush to the stores to ensure they don't miss their next dream item. This message is further emphasized through the video translation of this concept.  

We kept these videos short to quickly relay the message and allow for versatile placement, they could be used as pre-rolls on youtube, Instagram posts/stories, or Tik Tok advertisements. 

We also created Triptych print ads to further visualize the feeling of watching your dream item disappear infront of your eyes because you were late to the rack. Enforcing this idea of FOMO and driving customers to the stores. 

We also created a longer, 30 second commercial to really draw the consumer in and have them fall in love with the clothing just as its snatched away from them. Driving home the overarching theme of this campaign, new styles are disappearing weekly, so you better get it before its gone. 

womens walking yellow coat mockup 2.jpg
womens red coat mockup 2.jpg